“Curiouser and curiouser”

I learn the language of the computer as I go. I should like an image of me to greet you at the top of the page. But I could not persuade a widget to do this just yet. Grrrr! I should be writing entries instead. A few days later, with several more newly installed widgets – it is done. This website had not been given any attention for years. It was the time to invest a few hours in learning how to do Read More

To write or not to write – this is the question no more

I remember a time when the writing of a poetry book sounded easy. Well, I should be happy then. This coming March, a few months before the convocation ceremony, I’ll be presenting my Honours Project at The English Honours Undergraduate Symposium at the U of Calgary. My Honours Project is a poetry book. Or rather, a collection of poems ready to be submitted for publication in book format. For some reason, exactly after I found out that my project was approved and I was enrolled Read More

Before I start to write

A voice. It turns out that besides other things I need to know or develop before starting to write a blog, I also need a voice. I need to be myself. As if being myself is as simple as that. I can think of several images of self. Self talking to my two children. Self talking to my cats. Self goofing around with my best friend, my husband. Self teaching. Self being taught. Self staying up late, reading books Read More