Agora Journals

TweetLearning from the masters of the blogging world, I’ve been trying to develop some of my posts in drafts, “backstage”. The post that was supposed to be about the Agora Journals launching party never happened. Due to a mix-up, I never made it to the party. I wanted to write about the feeling one gets seeing his work (part of it) published. Party or no party, the feeling is still there. There is pride and pleasure but also a bit of guilt as if they have been Read More

The Price of Our Time

Tweet   Of all kinds of blogs, I started a blog about poetry writing. Why on earth? There are not as many stories to tell about writing each week as I initially believed. Life is rich in many things, but poetry is not always one of them. A weekly account of what or how much I wrote would be dull and repetitive and so would be a never-ending rant about the lack of inspired moments or about the natural tendency to Read More


Tweet      Although the exam material that needs to be studied has piled up to the ceiling, I have to write my poems too. Going for inspiration in music. I want to write about Rusalka. Beautiful and seductive female creature, Rusalka is the spirit of a drowned girl. Sometimes red-headed, dressed in white, they appear near water and lure the men to their doom. To read more about the Rusalka, you can also visit this blog. Yet, Dvorak’s music does not inspire me for my Read More

Let the Muses in

TweetWriting a book is all about writing and this is exactly what I am NOT doing. I can find excuses for every day I don’t write but how will that help? The book needs pages and pages of nothing but the best work. In order to pick my best, I have to write a lot and then chose. I can’t chose even the lousiest work if I don’t write a thing. Assignments? Yes. I knew before I wrote the proposal that I’ll have Read More