Before I start to write

A voice. It turns out that besides other things I need to know or develop before starting to write a blog, I also need a voice. I need to be myself. As if being myself is as simple as that. I can think of several images of self. Self talking to my two children. Self talking to my cats. Self goofing around with my best friend, my husband. Self teaching. Self being taught. Self staying up late, reading books and watching YouTube videos. Self talking to indoor plants. Self tickling the SCOBY through the glass.

I’ll see who this self of mine wants to be in this blog. Right now, I feel surrounded by friends so self does not feel any pressure. Relaxed self. Not confident, though. But this is because of the stage of my project. I am supposed to write and write is what I don’t do. Luckily, I’m reading some very interesting material regarding writing, procrastination, and feeling inspired. For the curious and the interested, I will share very soon in – at least – one book review.

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3 thoughts on “Before I start to write

  1. I completely agree, Elena. It is tricky to decided which self to use as a voice sometimes…especially when there’s so many to choose from!

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