Work in Progress – Shared Thoughts

TweetIf this is not your first visit to this blog, you know by now that the project I am working on is a creative writing project: poetry that revolves around the duality of fear and fascination with the monster in the folklore of different cultures. Just as each person has his own fears and anxieties, each culture has his own monsters. With every individual who calls Canada home, new monsters are added to our domestic pool of Read More

Can You Hear Me Now?

TweetIt has been a few days since I started to watch reviews for microphones and recorders for broadcasting. I can get a reliable and well-performing microphone for about 300 Canadian dollars. I’ve been looking at the Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone Cardioid. My Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone for the video recording does a good job if the subject is 20 feet away. Not at all suitable for my purpose. I’m also looking at a Zoom H6 Handy Recorder Read More

Built of Scraps

Tweet  I’ve been thinking about the subject I picked for my poetry book: fantastical dark creatures from the folklore of various cultures. Where did it come from? What sparked this idea to study the duality of fear of and fascination with the undead? A part of the answer lies somewhere in the past, in my early childhood when, nightly, mom would put me to sleep with whispers about the wolves waiting outside the window, below the windowsill. Whispers of Bow-Bow, Read More

Agora Journals

TweetLearning from the masters of the blogging world, I’ve been trying to develop some of my posts in drafts, “backstage”. The post that was supposed to be about the Agora Journals launching party never happened. Due to a mix-up, I never made it to the party. I wanted to write about the feeling one gets seeing his work (part of it) published. Party or no party, the feeling is still there. There is pride and pleasure but also a bit of guilt as if they have been Read More

Journeys of Hope

Tweet It started in the late spring with Central Alberta Refugee Efforts’ call for artists to put together a show. But even this beginning was only the surface, the visible tip of the iceberg. The story started long before that. Those familiar with CARE knew that it was Jan Underwood’s dream to put together some kind of production in which to tell the story of a handful of immigrants through visual art, dance, music, and poetry. She Read More